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October 25 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor was a guest on latest 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'. He's promoting his latest movie "12 Years a Slave" on the show originally broadcast on October 24th. Video may not be available in all territories.

Jon is gushing over Chiwetel.

I approve and strongly concur.
I look forward to seeing this film, and a major part of that desire is Ejiofor's performance, which seems to be receiving rave reviews from everybody.

I think this was the first interview I've seen of him, and I am impressed with the way Ejiofor handles the praise and generously shares it with the others involved--without making it seem to be a canned response.

He was also interviewed this afternoon on MSNBC's The Cycle. He said it took him about two months to get over portraying the character and to get back to "normal." He talked in more depth about the book and the life and character of the real-life Solomon upon which the film was based.

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Just came home after seeing the film. Strongly recommended to all, although it is at times very difficult to watch.

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