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October 25 2013

(SPOILER) Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory "sings" love for Joss. When Howard writes a love song for his wife, Bernadette, of course you know that Joss is going to end up in the lyrics! To watch the whole episode, click here.

Edited to change original link to one that mentions the specific Joss shout out, and credits the awesome writers of the song, the talented Kate Micucci and (Whedonverse alum) Riki Lindhome. (Thanks to JMaloney for the tip that sent me hunting for a better link!)

Also, the song is available on iTunes.

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Really a lovely dirty and yes, there's a Joss Whedon line.

After all these years, this show does still nail it for me.
hann23, did you mean to type "ditty"?
I'll take your words for it.
Too bad this link does not work outside the U.S.
Here's a YouTube link that may work for those outside the US: Howard's Song for Bernadette

(Looks like the uploader flipped the video into its mirror image, I assume to foil automated copyright checking algorithms.)

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Thanks a lot JMaloney. Fitting that the words were sung by Moist himself.
Plus the song was written by Kate Micucci (she was in in the Written By a Kid episode with Joss) and Riki Lindhome (Much Ado About nothing).
That's a great song!
garyyager -- didn't know they wrote it, but now that you say that, it seems obvious. Sounds very much like one of their songs.

Kate Micucci, by the way, had a recurring part last season as Raj's girlfriend.
Thanks, JMaloney.
That was really great, and sweet. Almost makes me want to watch the show again.
Sang by Moist himself, Simon Helberg. My first thought was Commentary, The Musical
Ditty!! I despise autocorrect and typos, especially my own.

And that's how I know Kate Micucci; she was Raj's girlfriend.I couldn't place her when Joss tweeted that "Sports!" video. Thank you.

It all makes sense now. :-)
And . . . she grew up near where I live now.
Didn't know it was written by Garfunkel and Oates. Sweet.
Also, Kate/Lucy will be back!

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