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October 25 2013

(SPOILER) Latino Review reports that a comic book character has been cast in SHIELD. Take with salt until officially confirmed.

Wow @ the comments section. People really do hate the show.
I love Saffron Burrows. And I'd love some lesbian love in the show to make it more grown up and not so PG-rated.
Pudungurte, the internet hates every show ever created and aired. Plenty of "constructive criticism" (quotes completely intended) of the show right here in the black.
Do bear in mind that we don't discuss comments on other sites here. And if people have problems with this site, then they should email us about it. I think I've said that before.
Well, I'd welcome this, if true!
I had no idea we didn't discuss comments on other sites here. My apologies.
Yes, heaven forbid a family show on at 8pm on ABC be rated PG.....
So this is that backdoor pilot for Accountants of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I don't see how the addition of a lesbian character would make it any less PG... But I'm always okay with more diversity.
Ya know...if the character wasn't gay, I'd be wondering about that whole "Portland" thing.
Grack21, it is my preference for Joss shows to tackle more mature content since that's when I consider them at mostly their best. Sorry if that opinion offends you. Don't really care about the time slot or channel it's on. I'm a Joss fan on a Joss fan site, not an 8pm ABC fan.

And DanielJay92, that's an interesting point... does her being a lesbian have to make it more mature? Not necessarily, and not in a perfect world, but with the world we currently live in, pretty much. Also with beautiful Saffron in the role, I just imagine it would be on the steamy side if the subject is approached. I suppose it could all be very innocent and chaste as well, or just a side fact with nothing romantic ever done, but time will tell. Either way, I see it as a step in at least a slightly more mature direction, since lesbian character doesn't exactly scream "Disney family fare." Does that make sense?
It's a sad world, in which a lesbian character is more of a problem for some parents than burning bodies, exploding eye implants and amputated hands...
Grr...not the kind of comic book character I was hoping for.
As a comic book reader, the only thing I really remember about Victoria Hand is that she has cool hair. From my memories of Warren Ellis's THUNDERBOLTS run, she was mostly just there for Norman Osborn to talk at.
Yes, but can we call her YoSaffBridge Burrows?

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