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October 25 2013

Seth Green's 'Dads' gets full-season order. Fox has picked up the back nine for a full season of 22 episodes.

The fans vs critics trailer was the best thing ever.
I don't understand... I haven't seen it, so I won't comment on the quality. But that 2.2 ratings average FOX is touting must include DVR numbers because in the standard 18-49 ratings it only hit 2.2 the first week and then dropped to 1.5 and then to 1.3. Plus it's been a crummy lead-in for BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, which has pulled higher ratings than DADS every week.
I've never seen a show the critics wanted to kill off more.
Not since The Event.
The "fans vs critics" trailer, for anybody who missed it.
My suggestion - um, yeah, *do* listen to the critics on this one.
While it is not great, it does have its moments. I think the critics' response is probably to the racial humor. I read that the writers are trying for the nuanced racial humor of an "All in the Family" but it is delivered more like the shock value of a Comedy Central or Friar's Roast. The racial jokes come from the two "out of touch" dads, but then are not mitigated by either of the sons. At most, there is an exasperated look from the female asian assistant. Without the context, it really is a lot of one-line stereotypes. It is definitely a Seth Macfarlane vehicle even if he is not credited as one of the writers.
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Yeah that commercial is totally staged, nobody says "This is Fox, baby!". C'mon....

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I think what a lot of the critics (and me) were reacting to in the pilot was the plot fulcrum of two Caucasian male bosses - these are the Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi characters, *not* the dads - coercing their Asian-American female employee into dressing up as an anime schoolgirl character to placate Chinese investors, and then having one of these investors send photos of his genitalia to the female employee so she could blackmail him into investing. Quite apart from *all* of the racial stuff in there, two male employers requiring a female employee to dress up and flirt with people - hilarious, especially because it's always so fun when it happens in the real world, right? This is exactly the sort of thing that should be depicted as being done by nice guys - NOT.

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Shapenew, I agree with your assessment of the pilot. My description was of the ongoing episodes.
I only watched a couple of episodes, I just didn't think it was funny. But I thought that Asian actress was adorable. I loved her personality and she was so cute. I felt like the character was strong enough that she wouldn't have dressed up if she wasn't on board with it.
My two cents.

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