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March 07 2004

"The Grudge" Set Visit - Part 1 begins a very detailed behind the scenes report on SMG's latest film.

Thanks for posting this link. This movie is getting more and more appealing to me.
I agree with you Syd - it is definitely going up on my list of 'must see' films!
yeah me too
Not that up to speed on Japanese horror films. But if they are anything like the video games such as the Silent Hill series or Project Zero (Fatal Frame in the States) I'll be watching this on the big screen. Those Japanese games designers are in a field of their own when it comes to psychological horror.

There was a rumour going round recently that David Boreanaz was to play Harry Mason in the Silent Hill movie.
DB would make a great Harry Mason. I agree with you, Simon, the Japanese do horror-survival games very well. The Fatal Frame series is amazing, scared the hell outta me!
didnt know there was a silent hill movie coming out. that series has been one of my favs since the first one......hopefully it wont be a cheesy movie like most videogame-to-big screen movies are

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