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October 27 2013

Chris Hemsworth questions shirtless scene in Thor: The Dark World. He says it was Joss Whedon's idea.

Just one more thing to thank Joss Whedon for. In 3D.
What, no Loki shirtless scene? ;p

I so cannot wait for this movie!
I really appreciate Joss Whedon's artistic vision
Good to know Joss is doing great things as Marvel's artistic adviser. :)
Joss has great taste in men.
Maybe in Avengers 2 he can borrow James Marsters' 'sock' from Buffy S6 :-)

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That's our Joss, always making the tough calls!
I hear Joss is also responsible for the line: "The hammer's not my hammer."

ETA: By "hear," I mean, "pretend." And apparently I'm not the first person to have thought of this.

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Speaking of Loki-- I find it funny that the writer of the series he currently appears in complains about the cut-back page count that made them take out an otherwise gratuitous scene since for the sake of page economy they needed to immediately show off his new costume.
While I don't mind nudity in movies, I'm getting tired of hearing about Shirtless Thor. Would they ask Scarlett Johanssen to remove her shirt, or joke about having her boobs on AoS?
Yeah I'm all about shirtless gender equality, too.
, I'm getting tired of hearing about Shirtless Thor.

I haven't seen much coverage of this?

Would they ask Scarlett Johanssen to remove her shirt

Maybe not in the MCU. But had she been in a generic action flick, more than likely. Female stars seem to have do that far more than often their male counterparts (for whatever reason). Reminds me of this.
@Simon: Jed & Mo made jokes in several interviews about having a character in AoS that said: You've just missed Thor, and he had his shirt off. He had a gratuitous shirtless scene in Thor 1, and then he got to do a shirtless scene in Thor 2. I get that he's good looking, but I don't think it's better than asking women to do shower scenes.

I know that female stars have to it a lot, but I doubt Joss would ask that if the story didn't really require it. (And I've read somewhere that Scarlett doesn't do nude scenes)

Of course, I have not seen the movie. Maybe the shirtless scene was really useful and the article is misrepresenting reality.

ETA: I love that link :)

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The "you haven't been near his arms" line made by Maria Hill got in for a laugh. Thor 1 at least played really well with his "fish out of water" experience. You definitely laughed at Thor for requesting the pet store's biggest horse. The shirtless scene in Thor 1 did serve a purpose. Darcy remarks that he looks good for a homeless guy, which gives them one of the first hints that maybe he's not just some random homeless guy they hit with a car.
Honestly, it's not doing any harm. If Thor was completely nude for no reason, I can understand it being unnecessary.

Also, Thor was completely clothed during Avengers, so it's not like a reoccurring thing.

Good idea Joss ;)
Thanks FangedFourLover- now I can't get a completely nude Thor out of my head!

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