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October 28 2013

Joss Whedon's "So why do you write these strong female characters?" speech gets rediscovered. It's seven years old and still packs a punch. Joss' speech at an Equality Now event is currently getting a lot of chatter on the social media platforms and various entertainment websites.

My mother posted it to facebook this last week as she just discovered it. I apologized profusely for never sharing it with her before.
When Sarah Millican tweeted about it, that's when I thought it had gone mainstream.
i think i saw an article about it or something... which led me to rewatching it for a bazillionth time... joss is a genius alright
Had to google Sarah Millican... Is she mainstream in the UK? Never heard of her before. Upworthy seems to be the portal that "re-released" the video.
Yes, she's a famous UK comedian.
I made a version subtitled in French a few months ago. I wanted to show it to my mum, and she doesn't speak English :)It's HERE if you wanna share it with French speakers ;)
Yeah - it was an Upworthy post. Someone I know posted it on their Facebook. Glad to see it getting anohter go-round.
Someone posted this months ago. It should be in the deleted posts pile, with everything else that's been posted in duplicate JUST to be fair.
Jonathan, do send us an email if you disagree with a moderator's decision.
I've given up trying to get people to recognize Du'a Khalil and the speech each year since Joss' post here in May 2007, so I just blog it and intermittently write EN, Avaaz, and other organizations who are in the business of trying to save women and children to thank them for their efforts.

I wish what Joss wrote could be laminated and handed out with copies of the Equality Now speech/video, so I hope this event on Nov. 4 really pumps up EN membership.

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I love, love that this popped up on my TL and page this week.
And once again I got stuck on Youtube watching an hours worth of Joss and Nathan and the rest of the Firefly gang trolling each other at comic con panels.
There is now a piece in The Guardian on Joss Whedon receiving recognition for his work in creating strong roles for women

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