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October 28 2013

Episode 6 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to air in Latin America Oct. 31. Looks like the rest of the world will see FZZT before the USA.

This is highly unusual.

Not in the UK, we're getting it the week after.
Yaaaay! This is amazing. I'm so glad Sony is so committed with this show. Normally, we are at least one month behind and it sucks so bad I end up downloading my shows and not watching tv at all.
Technically it'll air on wednesday,that scheduling must be the repeat,they do aos/the blacklist and then repeat
I'm doing my best silent impresion of Numfar right now. Ok, so its 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday for those of us with the spanish language version of Sony.

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So this will have a Spanish dub then?
Not in Australia either, we also have to wait a week!
@D-e-f-. Just spanish subtitles, but don't give the Sony people any ideas.
So technically Mexico and most of LatAm get it first on October 30th:

Episodes are subbed (spanish for Mexico and rest of LatAm and Portuguese for Brasil), but depending on the cable operator the subs are removable.
Psst! FZZT will be airing 5 November on ABC. Not this week. But it's great and worth the wait!
Oh... NICE. The very first time that living in Argentina has come in handy. Bring it on!
Gossi! Would you call it SHIELD's MotS?
To be clear, I meant the episode airs first on ABC - there has been a mistake in the listings somewhere here.
It must be some centralized error from Sony, altogether then. Decided to check what's is being listed from my cable operator, and this is what I get.
I saw a promo for episode 6 on Sony advertising it for this Thursday in Brazil.
The twitter for canal sony says it'll be a repeat, they'll be showing "the girl in the flower dress"
Just saw that on their Facebook, @okelay. They are at least mad disorganized, they were showing ads for episode 6 since last week!

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