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March 08 2004

Ron Glass & Alan Tudyk in Serenity? No big news - just a rumor (speculation even?) from regarding the omission of Book & Wash from Serenity news reports thus far: contracts.

March 4, 2004 Many of you have noted that Ron and Alan's names have been conspicuously missing from official press releases. Sources say that both are very likely to be involved, but aren't being mentioned until their current contract options expire.

glad to hear, i was getting rather overly worried about this pressing issue. it just wouldnt be the same without alan and ron.what i'm also intrested in are the 'all new' characters added for the feature length film. anyone have any thoughts on that?
Does anyone know what "current contract options" means?
Did anyone click on the link to the story about Universal making "Serenity?" Nothing really new in the article, but it said at the end that "Buffy" was the second highest selling show on DVD, anyone know what the first is?
The Simpsons maybe?
I think it might be Family Guy. I know the first boxset was the top-selling DVD boxset last year...although, to be fair, I can't remember if that was overall boxsets or simply TV-to-DVD boxsets.

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