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October 28 2013

Pics from last weekend's Hallowhedon 5 convention. Alexis Denisof, Sarah Hagan, Jeff Ricketts, K. Todd Freeman, Tom Lenk, Brad Bell and Jane Espenson were at the event held in Birminghan, England.

It was a great weekend, Jane Espenson was wonderful and did a commentary with K Todd Freeman on Band Candy. Alexis was fantastic and did the Wesley dance and led a conga at the party on Saturday night. Sarah was sweet, Jeff and Brad hilarious. Tom wasn't feeling well on Saturday but made it up for it during a game show on the Sunday, in which his team were called We are as Gods! We also got a message from Amy Acker via Alexis' phone as she was unable to attend, all in all a fabulous weekend and much recommended to all Whedonites. The next Hallowhedon is 31st-2nd Nov 2014.
It was a fab weekend. I shall get the rest of the photos up online as quick as I can. The Alexis conga was a sight to see - reminiscent of a Life of The Party.

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