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October 30 2013

Anthony Head interview. References to Buffy and Much Ado About Nothing.

Wow, didn't know Joss asked ASH to be in Much Ado -- pity he was busy, that would have worked really well!
He was supposed to play Leonato.
It was nice seeign Reed in a more sympathetic part than I'm used to, but I agree that, given the status relationships amongst the involved male characters, Tony might have fit that aspect of it better.

(for some reason, I'm wondering about how Andy Griffith would have re-told this story in the vein of his Romeo and Juliet story.)
DaddyCatALSO, I think ASH was meant to take on Clark Gregg's role (Leonato).
Thanks. Have seen it in a theater once and the DVD once so the names aren't second nature to me yet. Even better!

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I love ASH but have to admit that Clark Gregg did a wonderful job in the role. The aborted wedding scene, in which he practically asks for his daughter to die -- I admit to getting almost teary during the scene, so perfectly was it played.
Agree, at first I was bummed that ASH didn't get to play Leonato. But Clark Gregg stole my heart as Leonato, and actually the whole movie.

Just wait folks, when the angst hits on AofS, Gregg is going to kill it.

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