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October 30 2013

The Cabin in the Woods - one of the best horror films of the last 10 years. Complex staff writers count down their compiled list of the top ten best horror films of the last ten years, and "The Cabin in the Woods" makes it on their list.

Still not convinced that "Cabin" even was a horror film. Certainly not on the basis of being scary, but also at a conceptual level (for that matter, it's big brother in terms of self-aware bloodbath flicks, "Scream", I consider first and foremost a 'whodunnit').
I think what's great about Cabin is that it follows the codes of a horror film, while speaking about these codes. I'd say it is both a horror film and something else.
That was a very strong list of movies, and a great example of what the genre can produce. I'd have found a way to get the Descent into that top 10 list though.
As I said previously, to me cabin was an interesting enough attempt at re-mythologizing a form that had never been effectively demythologized in the first place. Which Joss has done before.

Familiar with very, very few of these, Hated the Descent, found Let the Right One In decent but very dull, and The Mist an adequate "gotcha" movie but not impressive - but at least it wasn't as grim as the original novella.

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I didn't get Cabin in The Woods. Or rather it didn't make me feel anything. Which was the point? Too clever by half.
Horror movies can be about more than scaring people. As far as the list goes, Martyrs should replace The House of the Devil. The french movie Them should replace The Strangers. But this is a better thought-out list than most.
I loved "Cabin in the Woods." A horror movie that's totally cinematic and entertaining *and* a brilliant dissertation on the monster movie form in the form of a monster movie. In some ways, it's kind of perfect.
"Let the Right One In" was great, mainly because the boy was a bit disturbed to begin with. The final scene at the pool is unforgettable. "Cabin", of course, is a modern classic that came close to never being shown at all. We have to remember that.
I liked The Avengers, but I'd trade 3 Joss Marvel projects for one more out-of-the-box pieces of awesome like Cabin. *Sigh* 2015 can't come soon enough.
Cabin in the Woods became a true horror movie when they got on the elevator. That's when things went out of control.
I loved Cabin, but I'm no horror connoisseur (anymore--watched a lot of horror when I was young). I liked 28 Days Later , but haven't seen any of the rest of these. And I also liked Let the Right One In.

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