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October 30 2013

The Avengers: Age of Ultron reportedly adds Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver. Welcome to the 'verse, ATJ!

I love how The Wrap says this is official in several places yet Marvel has no comment and they don't name their source. It's probably real (or close to real) but not "official." I don't think that word means what you think it means, The Wrap. :)
I admit I may have jumped the gun in reporting...but that's enough source smoke for me as far as these things go.
I'm not blaming you, MrArg. They use the word "official" at least 3 times. I'm sure he really does have the role. I just find The Wrap's "journalism" hilarious.
I've added 'reportedly but no doubt it will be confirmed tomorrow.
I've always liked this casting as soon as it was rumored a while back.
Now there needs to be a role for Bryan Cranston in the Avengers film, so that he, Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen will form Joss' "Godzilla hat trick".
IrrationaliTV, welcome to the wonderful world of internet scoop reporting! Thanks for the edit Simon.
I have never seen a film with him. To be Quicksilver he has to fulfil a set of criteria, I think. Can he play a jerk well? Can he portray a tragic nobility at certain times? I have never seen him act, so I have no idea.

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