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October 30 2013

(SPOILER) Kevin Feige explains Joss' involvement in Thor: The Dark World. The article is spoilerish for some scenes from the movie.

Well, accordig to the Empire review of Thor: The Dark World posted here a few days ago, Loki tells Odin ďItís not that I donít enjoy our little chats,Ē ďItís just... that I donítĒ.

I suspected then that this could be a Joss line and now, after Feige's comments, I suspect it even more.
Saw movie today. Very cool. Felt unique and fresh.
There is a clip on youtube, i think its the first encounter between Jane and Thor, wich felt very Joss too. My friend, wich is not really that much of a Whedon fan but has seen most of his work and apreciates it even told me it felt like an Angel-Buffy scene i some way. Of course this kind of "line hunting" is kinda dangerous and you can end up atributing things to the wrong person, but it really felt like that. I swear to you, the moment Jane said one phrase (dont want to spoil it) i allmost could se Sarah speaking it instead...
There are a number of lines that feel very Joss-ish in the film.

gossi - I agree, it felt unique and fresh.

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