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October 31 2013

Geek Road - fan art. You'll recognize a certain somebody crossing Geek Road...

I spot Buffy in the cross walk and Serenity in the sky!
Brilliant - so many gorgeous little details. The third Jossian connection - Buzz and Woody hanging off the car bumper.
And isn't that Loki's spear sticking out of the car window behind Buffy's head?
Man - is Superman in for a surprise! (if it hasn't already, that piece of fan fiction needs to happen right away.)

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It is. It's an amazing piece!
So far, I see 4 Whedony goodies. Could there be a fifth?
A little funny how Sherlock is lurking in the background - everything else is so fantastical, and then there's Holmes. And who's that beside him? Not Watson surely - too blonde? Love the Superman bit. That's going to be... interesting.
I see one of the plants from Plants vs Zombies. Where do you suppose the zombie is?
Arthur Dent with his towel.
Took me a second to realize that is the Winchester's Impala there on the left. Not seeing any sort of Superman bit, though, can someone point it out?

EDIT: Derp, I get it now. Yeah, he'll be in for a surprise :)

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I count... 19 references total? Well, plus Abbey Road itself, making 20.
shame can't get a copy would go nicely in my rooom.
Next to Sherlock is Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent. He counts as a three-in-one, as he's also Watson and Bilbo!
Oh! Indeed it is Arthur Dent, silly me. Still a bit too blonde, but the 3-in-1 is rather clever!
What does the license plate say?
Very cool to see The Man in Black here, "The Princess Bride" is one of my favorite movies ever.
Simon The license plate on the Bug is written in Elvish. (And that appears to be Enterprise D on the back.) Is the Bug supposed to represent something?

What I want to know is what does the wall just in front of the smiling plant say?

And there appears to be a bumper sticker on Optimus Prime.

This is very cool. I would've liked it if the creator had given us a "map" of sorts, rather than a "this is how I did this" (Or possibly in addition to), because maybe folks won't catch all the references. I realized the guy next to Holmes was wearing pajamas, but I had no clue why. I didn't know what the daisy was all about - I thought it was one of those perpetual-motion things.

ETA: How awesome would a "Sgt. Pepper's" version be??

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Too tiny to see much here. Is that Serenity, or soem version, or even some version, of the Enterprise? And at least half-a dozen 'verses have a flying car, although the turned out tires eliminate the Absent Minded Professor.

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The wall says "The cake is a lie", I think, and the Bug is there because it's in the original photo.

Definitely Serenity in the sky, it's the bumper sticker that's the Enterprise. Meanwhile, that particular flying car is obviously a DeLorean.

What a fun piece of art.
Yeah, the wall is definitely a Portal reference, but what does the bumper sticker on Optimus Prime say? Can anyone make it out?
I assume the smiling plant is an Audrey (squeek!)
Sorry tomg, the smiling plant is from Plants Vs. Zombies, not Little Shop. Though I'm sure it wouldn't mind the comparison.
Ciella If you scroll down to the picture of Hermione by herself, and click to enlarge it, you can make out the bumper sticker on Optimus - it says "Joshua Bartlett For President."

Anyone want to try to list all the references?

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