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October 31 2013

(SPOILER) HuffPost shows us the opening scene of the next Agents of SHIELD episode. Nothing more than what we knew from the episode synopsis, really.

Definitely X-Files vibes from the teaser.

Ooo, I'm really looking forward to this episode. Looks like it could be Gravitron-related with the floating bodies, (but I don't recall the little electric-buzzy thing happening, so maybe something/someone else?)

Also- don't hurt my FitzSimmons!
I don't think Graviton is into using electric shocks or whatever that is?

It seems promising.
So I'm thinking the episode title is engaging in a little onomatopoeia? That's pretty awesome right there.
It also might be a reference to FZZT branes, a mathematical concept related to string theory and M-theory.

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IIRC, the comix version of Graviton also had a bit of control over other energies, including electro-magnetism. Still, it seems early to bring him back again, so I'm guessing something or someone else.
I wouldn't think Graviton.

More likely to be something like Zzzax.
Especially since Zzzax's origin story involves terrorists, engineers, and a nuclear plant, which I think would fit into the Rising Tide theme.
Thanks for that link OneTeV. There's so much I don't know about the Marvel comic universe!
But Zzzax doesn't levitate stuff, does he?
@Squishy: Zzzax can take over people's bodies, has various electrical powers, and fly.
So "levitation" is not out of the question. (Besides, the TV writers don't have to hew tightly to the original if they want to adapt.)

Not saying it has to be Zzzax (we could list quite a few Marvel "usual suspects"), just that it is a more likely than Graviton. And it is a "science" based threat that would fit into the world of AoS.

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