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November 01 2013

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to cross over story with Thor: The Dark World. Jonathan Frakes directed the episode, titled "The Well," which will air November 19th.

Very cool.I know they said that the timeline would be lining up or we would have a better idea with the films when Captain America:The Winter Soldier comes out.But it's great that the series will reflect or nod to the events of Thor: The Dark World.
This gives me some hope. :)
Thank goodness I'm seeing the film on opening weekend.
The film was very good. I had hoped that the crossover would be more than one episode, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless.

I imagined Frakes would be directing an episode, since he was in a picture with the cast and crew the day of the pilot premiere.
Jonathan Frakes proved himself to be a real actor's director on the Dollhouse episode he directed, "Belonging." That was a real acting showcase for Dichen Lachman, because it delved into Sierra's tragic back story. It also had a big focus on Fran Kranz, as Topher discovered he had not played the role in Sierra's life that he wished. Both characters went through big, terrible, irrevocable changes, and it was one of my favorite episodes of the series.

So now I'm wondering which characters' painful stories we'll be diving head-first into.
Who wrote this episode?
This is great.

What are the spoiler rules for "Thor: The Dark World"?

I wrote something just now about what I want this episode to have, and then realized it's a little spoilery.
Should I write it in black? (if I can remember how)
The film is great, by the way. :)
Frakes did such a great job on that Dollhouse ep. And I've been looking for the show to shake up a bit. If it were crossing over with "Winter Soldier" I'd be all the happier, but this is a clue that it probably will. So I think that "The Well" will be a real checkpoint for me: if a Frakes-directed crossover still doesn't do it for me, I may sit the show out. For a time, at least.
Oooh I loved Jonathan Frakes direction for Dollhouse's Season 2 episode "Belonging" which explored Priya's backstory. It was one of the more visually striking episodes of the series (besides John Cassaday's "The Attic"). Remember the dark silhouette of Priya rising in front of the rainbow-colored painting of the bird? So yeah, I'm absolutely looking forward to Frakes' directorial contribution to SHIELD.

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YAY - is all I will say as I avoid spoilers until Nov 14 when I'm going to hopefully see Thor: the Dark World. *slinks away to a dark corner with slow internet where Tumblr cannot exist*
But is it the Deeper Well?
Well, this is pretty cool. I, and I'm sure many others, figured something like this would happen. It's the logical extension of the concept.

Re: Jonathan Frakes on Dollhouse. Enver Gjokaj has mentioned him as one of his favorite TV director's to work with.
This shall be grand, Thor: TDW is a whole lot of fun and it would have been strange if they didn't mention events. I can't wait to see what they do with Cap 2 the crossover potential there is huge.
I am creating a campaign to have Lady Sif a part of Agents of SHIELD. If you think that's a good idea, come and like on

Otherwise, saw Thor: The Dark World yesterday. It's much better that the first Thor was, with at least one hilarious scene.
If there had not of been a repeat this week this x-over
would have aired on Nov 12 which is way too close due to
spoilers to Thor's opening on Nov 8. Thus the only
question wasn't if there would be a repeat but when.

Given that Skyes's arc ended on the last aired episode
they picked the the most logical date imho.

I am assuming of course that airing out of order would
not be allowable. YMMV.

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JDL, I believe this episode was swapped with The Hub FKA The Sandwich Incident.
I wrote something just now about what I want this episode to have, and then realized it's a little spoilery. Should I write it in black? (if I can remember how)

Yes please hide the spoilers, since the movie is not yet out in the U.S. and is still very new elsewhere. The "how to" for making spoilers invisible is here.
Also very excited about the guest cast in this one. Peter MacNicol was sublime on Ally McBeal, and I loved Erin Way's performances on Alphas. So I'm really hoping that they'll be characters that could potentially reoccur on the show.
I'm not really that surprised that this is happening, just slightly annoyed that they didn't wait for Winter Soldier. (I felt the same about the Nick Fury appearance. Going to happen some time but too early.)

Unless there's some major repercussions for SHIELD in Thor 2 that they couldn't really ignore.

Also, RIKER! Still hoping for Wil Wheaton to be involved in some way, cos that would rock.
The Movie isn't out in the US yet?!? I figured it isn't out everywhere, but how come it's out in other countries and not the US?
Below is my vision for what I want or at least what I think would be cool to have in an episode of AOS that relates to Thor:TDW.

Big Spoilers below for Thor: The Dark World – for the whole movie.

Big Spoilers above for Thor: The Dark World – for the whole movie.
I hate not knowing what happens in Thor: The Dark World, and having to dodge all these spoilers (thanks for blacking them out!), but I love that I still get to find out.
Definitely looking forward to some more connectivity with the movies. I hope that they pull it off organically, even though I find the show-business definition of "organic" almost unacceptably pretentious.
urkonn, Marvel movies tend to open in Europe and Australia a few weeks before US (The Avengers, Thor, Captain America etc).
I think we are going to Scandinavia this episode. I hope so. My only clue to that is some of the names. Lofoten is beautiful and they filmed most of the landscape for the Dark World there.

Pointy - Frakes has always been an actor's director. When people like Patrick Stewart praise the way you can draw a performance, you know you're top drawer. His Trek episodes, and two movies, all established his fine credentials.

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eddy: The episode was written by Monica Owusu-Breen.
Trentaferd, Once upon a time I'd have agreed. But now it's thrown about so casually as to have lost all meaning. Every time a Director says it they seem to mean something else. It really feels like they're saying it because they think it means something deep because they've heard pretentious people use it.

As a rule I ignore it.
Eddy: JDL, I believe this episode was swapped with The Hub FKA The Sandwich Incident.

OK thanks for that info. I should have mentioned previously that there has been a LOT of chaff in one of the forums I read suggesting that the repeat (during sweeps) was a panic sign. That was what was in the back of my mind when I posted.

If there had been no repeat and the episodes had been shown in order "The Well" would have aired on Nov 5th, before the movie opened in the states which would have looked stupid. So the repeat and weeks delay make sense as far as making 1.8 less of a spoiler for the movie.

Is it possible that that episode (1.8) was written so that when it aired was never an issue in the first place? That is, it had no effect on continuity ? That is not something that I can recall ever coming up before although it may have and my steel sieve memory has failed me again.

BTW, Gossi, was this episode what you meant when you told me that we'd get Frakes in this series?

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The word 'crossover' sounds like music in my ear!
Numfar, I think I said he might direct one.. Meaning he totally had, but I didn't want to say something I shouldn't. The repeat and ep swap has nothing to do with badness so the Internet can put the picnic tables away. Obviously there's some degree of organisation and timing to this show.

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