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November 02 2013

Tickets on sale for Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch, starring Neil Patrick Harris. Previews start March 29, 2014 and opening night is April 22nd.

Going to ask for my b-day in the spring! This is exciting.
As someone who's only attended one Broadway show so far, is there a downside to going during previews?
Well, Sunfire, there are a couple of arguable ones, IMO. You're seeing a show that's (hopefully) 90% done but there's the possibility of enough rough spots to sour the experience...elements of blocking and dialogue and set can change that you loved but other didn't and you rave on about something that others didn't see if they view the play after official opening...even casting changes for secondary or minor roles, which could mean someone you liked for the role got tossed or their lack of skill with a role takes you out of a play.

Really? If you're willing to accept not everything is finalized and kinks are being worked out? Then you'll have a great time...if everyone has done their jobs right ;P

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I would love to see this. Wish they had broadcasts like National Theatre Live.
Thanks for the info, BlueEyedBrigadier. Much appreciated.

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