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"Of course, according to my parents the action I'm getting right now should make my last remaining eye go blind..."
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November 02 2013

(SPOILER) Second sneak peek from Agents of Shield's 'F.Z.Z.T.'. This'll air on Tuesday.

UGGHGH there goes my avoid-spoilers-self-control out the window ala Tony Stark...

I can't help myself when it comes to Phil. Suddenly, a new theory to do with the "there". Asgard? That would explain the 'magical' but what about the strange thing Akela saw in him?

"It's beautiful" ;____; PHIL NEEDS A HUG. And therapy.

Just needed to let the other shoe drop. This looks really neat.
He was in heaven and now he's secretly sad? D:
There was no pain, no fear no doubt,
'Til they pulled me out
of Tahiti.
b!X, someone had to say it. *Buffy feels*

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