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November 03 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor reportedly linked with Star Wars VII. Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly does his best to sort truth from internet speculation.

I think I may be becoming (or am) a curmudgeon. I hear this news, or Bleeding Cool getting anxious for casting like Benedict Cumberbatch, and I'm thinking that if that happens I really don't want to see it.

I want the charm of some relative unknowns and maybe a few up and comers. I don't want stunt casting Sherlock, the Operative, when you're probably already going to have Mark, Carrie, and Harrison sucking the limelight from your lead.

Star casting certainly didn't help the prequels much.
I disagree that famous actors doomed the prequels. I think bad writing and acting were the problem. There are different levels of famous. There are a lot of people who have still never seen anything Cumberbatch has done beyond Star Trek and even fewer people know who Ejiofor is. It's not like they're casting Brad Pitt. JJ Abrams has always worked with talented actors and this should be no exception. If anything I think it's nice that they're aiming for the cream of the crop.
I would so like to see Mr. Ejiofor in a good Marvel project. Maybe I have Marvel on the brain.
I agree with the ninja report, I loved Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn. (especially considering what he had to work with)

I think Chiwetel is one of the most talented actors of the verse actors...I think it would be harder to separate Ejiofor from Solomon Northup than The Operative.
See, that's sort of the problem. Jinn wasn't the protagonist of that film and shouldn't have been. But you also had to do something with Liam Neeson because you had him. That's the problem: they suck necessary screen time that could have been used elsewhere.

Being a star isn't the problem so much as justifying the star's presence with "something" even if Anakin, Amidala, or even Kenobi really could have used more development.

And I'd strongly disagree with Cumberbatch. The guy is everywhere right now. He is well known in Britain and well known amongst the American geek crowd which, lets face it, are going to be a driving demographic with this. Star Trek, Sherlock, and LoTR really aren't indie series.

Not saying Ejiofor couldn't act well in VII or Cumberbatch for that matter. They're both good and they could. I'm saying I'd prefer not to see them cast. I'd rather the script (which isn't finished yet) determine importance which is a lot easier when you're not trying to jam in star power.

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