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November 03 2013

The Cabin in the Woods wins British Fantasy Award. The movie won in the Best Screenplay category. It beat the The Avengers, Sightseers and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Good work, zombie arm!
Nice. I enjoy that this film just keeps quietly picking up awards.
Well deserved!
I just rewatched this on Halloween. My family and I still enjoy it as much as we did the first time we saw it. Brilliant brilliant movie.
What's the sound of one zombie arm clapping? Aww, make it two--well-deserved, Joss and Drew!
Anyone know anything about Sightseers?
Sightseers is a Ben Wheatley directed film, written by the two stars. It is a sort of quirky British comedy.

It is about a reclusive woman that lives with her mum. The woman goes on a camping holiday with her fairly new boyfriend. On the holiday, the boyfriend starts to kill people who annoy him (such as a chap that refused to pick up some litter.)

It is a good film, but not for everyone. It definitely has a very British sense of humour; think Edgar Wright, who is a producer on the film (although it is nowhere near as funny as his films.) I really liked the trailer for it, but I don't think it lived up to my expectations, particularly as I loved Ben Wheatley's previous film, Kill List.

Anyway, Cabin in the Woods definitely deserves all the nods it gets. My favourite Whedon film by far (well, maybe not if we include Toy Story.) Congratulations to all involved.
That`s very awesome!

Some of my friends at Chizine won as well. That`s a Canadian company.

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