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November 04 2013

A great write-up of Hallowhedon 5. This is a fab read about the recent convention. Loads of interesting tidbits to be had about the Whedonverse.

Alexis is well known as a good Hollywood dad, and this reinforces it. And not surorising he is very familair with The Kiss in "The Body;" Sarah once mentioned, and it was probably only partly joking (the reporter described tone as "Dry") that Freddie seems to enjoy the park scene with Selma Blair.

Not surprised Tom couldn't answer thsoe questions -how much can anybody be expected to recall somethign from a workday twelve years ago?

Like that K. Todd's joining in, Sarah H. too.

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This was an extremely detailed & exhaustive report from Shangel, so thanks to him. I'm always interested to hear bits of new info about Buffy, etc. episodes, and always surprised that at this point there *can* be more. Jane E. clearly has an *awesome* memory. It sounds like the guests were lovely, and the fans thought it well worth it.

My favorite line was not about the shows, though - it was from Tom Lenk, who said, "...commercials are where your soul goes to die."

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