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November 04 2013

Den of Geek chats with Amber Benson. Laura chats to Amber Benson about Buffy, Tara and Willow's relationship, Alyson Hannigan, network censorship and more.

Wow, I had completely forgotten about Amber and ASH performing at the Rocky Horror Anniversary event, although the video has been floating around for quite a while -- that alone was already worth the read :-).
This was a good interview which finally casts more light on her reasons for not coming back, and on rumors related to why she did not come back. It also does help comfirm a few other things- that Willow was to remain gay (I recall there was some discussion at one point in time that Joss and Marti Noxon discussed whether or not she should remain gay, ultimately deciding she should), and also the idea that they would bring Tara back as evil, only to later have her come back as good. This is the famous "get out of jail" card. Darn. I do wish that had happened.
She did come back as Evil Tara for the Chaos Bleeds game.
Dana5140 Simon: I think her problem was specificaly coming back as FirstTara; VampTara in the game and novelization is from a parallell universe, and CanonTara is alive and well. First tiem Amebr has admitted knowing about the "You wasted the wish on shoes" scene! I still respect her choice. (In my main ficverse, it's at Kennedy's suggestion Willow looks into using a wish to get Tara back.) I had a fantasy of Amber playing an evil cousin of Tara's, with really different hair, on Angel

Okay, now Amber is talking abotu the outtakes, Joss ahs discussed them. C'mon, Firefly and Dollhouse have deleted scenes and such. Or at least bootlegs on the 'net *grin. Other ep.s, too; was the rain of stones in "Prophecy Girl" ever filmed?
Y'know, for many years I just had this feeling that there was some sort of falling out between her and Joss. I think this finally puts paid to that feeling. She just, basically, hurt too much to want to come back and cause any further pain. But she did confirm the "wish card" scenario. I would have liked ot at least see the script for that.
Fun interview (as usual with Amber). It was just revealed that Amber was one of the contestants in Patrick Rothfuss' twitter contest for the past two weeks (the contestants impersonated Pat on twitter). That was fun too.

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From some who watched the Paley Cneter Reunion panel, there apparently are (or at least were then,) some unresolved bad feelings on Joss's part. I really don't expect to see them working together again, and am ready for, oh say, Season 10, or a version of Othello filmed at Joss's house, or whatsomeever else to prove me wrong!

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