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March 08 2004

Matt Roush's Weekly Q&A As always, he has good things to say about "Angel." He also mentions that it's unlikely that "Still Life" will ever air.

I really wanted to see "Still Life." Could we start a fan campaign on that?

I never really paid much attention to Matt Roush until I started seeing so many of his columns liked to here, but now I think that his is one the most clear voices in a sea of awful TV writers. (OT: His response to that one guy who criticized the "lazy" writing on The Sopranos filled me with glee.) He just gets it, and that makes me even gladder to know that he's an Angel supporter.

I'm mad about Still Life, too. It was one of the few new show premises that's intrigued me in quite a while. I really hope that it eventually sees the light of day.
I like Matt's comment: "in the case of a show like Angel, I think most of us would probably prefer, as happened on Buffy, for the show to go out on a mutually agreed timetable, with everyone on board". The thing that makes me the most angry is, in all likelihood, the network execs and not the producers are the people deciding when to end the Buffy/Angel franchise. With all the crap networks categorize as money-makers these days, call me pessimistic if I don't see another spinoff coming anytime soon (at least not in the U.S.). This may very well be Angel's best season, and it is a real shame that it has this cloud over its head.

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