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November 04 2013

TV Guide interviews Chloe Bennet. Fun chat on, among other topics, Skye-Ward and her audition for the role of Simmons.

Am I the only dummy who never noticed that Skye and Ward make "skyward?" Was this choice of names intentional?
I suspected pairing off Skye and Ward may be considered, but it's too soon. Let's see Ward date Maria Hill first.
I would hope they don't go down the super-obvious Sky/Ward route and just keep playfully teasing stuff. No drama, no one-of-them-wants-but-the-other-doesn't or other stuff.
It will happen. The show airs on a female-skewing network, SHIELD is a male-centric show, but ABC wants some romance, the same romance they have on Grey's Anatomy or Revenge.
Is it just me or these "written" interviews are all starting to read too much alike, maybe it's because I've read like 70% of them, and they're not targeted to those of us who've read 70% of interviews that are given out there. It feels like I've read this same interview before, just a bit different.

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Skyeward? Where the hell did that come from? I haven't seen that in the show at all. It's clearly Fitzskye. Come on, even I can see it and I'm socially retarded.
I agree with the Fitzskye. I love every time he makes an awkward comment about her without realizing it.
If things are to be played out in a believable manner, the whole betrayal mess in Girl in the Flower Dress would make Ward wary to do more than what's necessary until trust is built up and built up heavy between himself and Skye, though how many fans decided - myself included by the end - that River and Jayne would be cool as a couple when they were 80% antagonistic and less-than-trusting of one another in Firefly.

Fitz and Skye's interesting, since it has the possibility of paralleling Xander's early friendship with Buffy, but I can't see him being any better about dealing with Skye betraying the team...
Isn't Skitz a better name? :)

That comment about fans wanting a Skye/Ward relationship was awkward. It made it look like they had been teasing each others for whole seasons.

If I had a vote, I'd vote for Skymons.
Is it rational to start shipping based solely on the couple name? Because now I want Skye and Fitz to get together. :D

Oh, and I really liked the interview. But then, I haven't really read any other interviews about the show.
Sorry to be the grouch in the room, but... my vote is that this be the first TV series in decades where a group of people of mixed gender can work together without falling into bed with each other.

If S.H.I.E.L.D. is any kind of serious agency, they will forbid romantic relationships between teammates anyway.
They did in Stargate but it didn't stop fans from shipping Sam and Jack. Loads of UST there.
There are a lot of shows where the cast is mixed gender and there aren't romantic overtures.

A lot of fans want to ship the lead characters in Sleepy Hollow but that's not the direction the show producers have gone in because it's just not in the nature of the characters or the show, and they've explained that. They know fans want the ship, but it just seems out of step and I'm glad the writers have resisted the urge to give in to fans.

The Blacklist and The Killing are two other examples that don't show the leads getting together. The Blacklist has a very antagonistic father/daughter relationship, and The Killing featured two very troubled, damaged detectives who relied on each other to keep from self-destructing. The show removes more or less any potential romance because it's so bleak and the characters too damaged.

The producers of Elementary have already clarified that they do not intend for Watson and Holmes to have anything other than a friendship. There have been numerous interviews where they say they aren't even going to approach a "will they/won't they" situation because the show is about a friendship. At the same time, the show does approach relationships (romantic and non) between adults in a very realistic way.

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