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November 05 2013

Pics from last night's Equality Now event that honoured Joss Whedon. The "Make Equality Reality" event was held in Bevelely Hills. If you scour through the pics you'll see Alyson Hannigan speaking on stage, Joss hugging Alyson, Joss with the host Paul Reiser and Joss with Gloria Steinem and Yasmeen Hassan.

Two thoughts:
1. So very proud of Joss Whedon.
2. Feminists are beautiful ladies (and gentlemen, too).
I still sometimes feel actual guilt that I never submitted anything for Nothing But Red. This shouldn't be a a partisan issue for anyone of good conscience, and deep congratulations to Joss.
This is a great honor, kudos Joss! Keep up the fight!

Does anyone know if there was an acceptance speech or if we will see Alyson's intro?

Perhaps if enough people write to Equality Now and indicate they'd be interested in a DVD of the event, one may be made available for sale (except for sending them money once in a great while, I am not affiliated in any way with Equality Now, but it's a safe bet they recorded the event).
So very proud for Joss...and ya gotta love a man who always wears comfortable shoes, no matter the occasion.
Plus the event had 100% more Leonard Nimoy than most other events. #LLAP

(And congrats to Joss for fighting the ongoing good fight.)
I asked Equality Now at Facebook,

"Hi, any chance we public might see a DVD of this event or the speech Joss made?"

and they replied,

"Equality Now: Tonya Jarrett stay tuned... (smiley face)"

So they must have something in the works to post on their website and/or at Facebook.

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