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November 05 2013

(SPOILER) TV Guide speaks to the Agents of SHIELD cast and crew about next week's episode. As you'd expect, spoilers abound. In related coverage, Clark and Ming-Na are on the cover of the issue that comes out on Friday.

Based on the spoiler hints, I think I'll be happy with the direction.

One thing I don't think the series has done so well are the ground rules. SHIELD is a big spy organization, but it hasn't been established how big, or how well funded (beyond the super-science toys). Even if it is "secret", the audience has to have an idea of what the limits are, otherwise we don't know what is a big deal or not. If SHIELD has unlimited resources, then it undermines what these six people in the Bus are doing. If we don't have the bigger picture of the types of threats SHIELD faces (Hydra, AIM, etc.), then the peril is missing.

And even though the audience is familiar with SHIELD, it might help to have more "I never heard of SHIELD, why should trust shifty government types in shade?" (kinda like the policeman and Cap in the "Avengers").
I agree. The spoilers seem to indicate things are on the upswing, plot wise. Sometimes injecting a little change is good.

I too would like to explore the scope of SHIELD. Like I've said before, it's like the UN. But with 100% more Coulson. Let's explore that! Does the President know? Who exactly is in charge? Does every country involved pitch in funding? How come their logo is plastered everywhere even though they're supposed to be covert?

Actually, the number one question I have is: how do you keep flying the Bus when you're not sure where you're going. Isn't it a waste of money to stay airborne without a mission?
Definitely happy with the confirmation that the larger SHIELD structure is coming into play, and that the promotional machine is in full swing for November sweeps. On they posted the special from yesterday's Nightline as well.
Hey Simon, how is this "next week's episode"? I thought FZZT is on tonight in the US?
They're talking about the episode that airs on the 12th?
Ohh, I missed that part. Nevermind me, just getting confused. Again.

I think we're all in consensus, btw, that "The Sandwich Incident" is a superior episode title.
And now we know where "the sandwich" comes from. I just want to see how it leads to "the incident" :D

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