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November 05 2013

Loki talks to some kids. He wants their opinion on superheroes in this Comedy Central promo for Thor: The Dark World.

There are no words to express my admiration for Mr. Hiddleston. I have no idea where the idea of this skit came from, but I love it.
"You are rude!"

That man is so utterly adorable!

So...Tony Stark is a cellphone salesman, Director Fury is pushing credit cards, and Loki is shoving little kids. What next - Hawkeye in a car commercial? Captain America selling insurance?
Hilarious even if it was staged. TH is proving to be quite a positive addition.
It's a tv ad for the movie, right? I keep seeing people mention it but this is the first time I've seen a video clip showing what they were talking about.
This is possibly better than his Comic-con appearance.
Tom is amazingly even more Loki than Robert Downey jr is Tony Stark.
I want the whole thing!

TH brings so much joy to our Whedonesque family. Saw a pic of him, Nathan and Zackary Levi (who totally needs at least an honorary Whedon card) in the US premier - made me wish Joss would cast all three in a buddy comedy.
That's awesome.

The inspiration for this is almost certainly the "It's Not Complicated" series of ads from AT&T. (Werewolf) In fact, I think the "werewolf" girl is the one all the way on the left with Loki.

EDIT: Ooh! There's another one with Loki! I am Loki, of Asgard!

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