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November 05 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar is hosting a Twitter contest. SMG gets into the spirit of tweeting.

I don't believe that's SMG. Yes, it's verified as her account, but it doesn't sound like her. I'd bet it was a publicist or someone behind most of it. Even if that weren't the case, I don't take well to her using this fanbase (which she's generally ignored) to build support for her new show. Talking about a Buffy movie while promoting The Crazy Ones, hashtagging #Buffy and #TheCrazyOnes in all those tweets together. I don't mean to offend anyone, but it strikes me as fake after all this time.
Sarah hate got old about half a decade ago.
Uh, thats her, Seth Green confirmed it a while ago.
I don't care to see this become a thread about old fan grievances against Sarah Michelle Gellar OR people fighting about that.

I don't know about the contest language specifically (this is what PR people are for, after all) but based on reading her tweets for awhile, she seems to be embracing Twitter as a day-to-day way to talk to fans. I think that's a good thing and more important in the long run.
Sunfire, this was more a present grievance, but I didn't mean to incite further negativity. Sorry.
Longtime SMG fan, and I've had the exact same feelings as WhatsAStevedore.
What's she supposed to do? Only talk about Buffy and stop working after its final season? I wish she had done this when Ringer was on the air (as I preferred it to Crazy Ones) and would rather have continued watching it. (Yeah, it was ridiculous but she gelled well with that cast and I enjoyed her chemistry with Ioan more than any non Angel/Spike male lead).

All the other Joss alumni talk about their current projects. Sarah has always spoken positively about Buffy in interviews. She just doesn't do conventions which many other Joss alum don't do. I take that as personal preference more than a slight to the show or the fans. Seth Green said in an interview that he wasn't crazy about conventions as people have to wait a long time and spend a lot of money for a quick hello and autograph (and although I'm a convention fan I understand actors having that sentiment).

I'm not really charmed by the Crazy Ones but I think Sarah is acknowledging Buffy not to be fake but because now she is at the age where I think she realizes that that is what she will always be remembered for, that's a darn good thing to be remembered for, and distancing herself from it will not keep her from being typcast.
We all grow up and reflect. I wasn't around this board when Buffy was on the air, as I was really late to the show itself, and even later to the fandom. So I can't really comment on the fan sentiment, or SMG's actions, back then. But I do know that sometimes actors will try to distance themselves from a defining role because they don't want that to be the only work they are remembered for. As the years pass, they sometimes come to the realization that that might not actually be a bad thing, and embrace it, as well as the fans from that role. I'm not saying that that is what SMG is doing, but she seems pretty genuine on her Twitter account. The contest itself is definitely from her PR people (or the shows PR people) but hey, that's what happens in this business. Doesn't mean that she hasn't (or has) come to realize that Buffy and it's fans are amazing and should be recognized as the reason she is where she is in the first place.
For me, if sci-fi luminaaries such as Leonard Nimoy and Tom Baker can move from periods of wanting to distance themselves from a role when not doing it to realizing they did a lot of good and accepting the fan love more actively? Sarah can have the same evolution of thought (though a bit faster ;D).
Networks have direct relationships (and contracts) with Twitter, hence her getting verified immediately when she joined. They use it as a tool to promote their shows. Some actors have people tweet for them, but the actor is usually involved still because they know it's their image.
Even if that weren't the case, I don't take well to her using this fanbase (which she's generally ignored) to build support for her new show.

So SMG is wrong when she doesn't mention Buffy and wrong when she does? It's good to see some things never change.
I'd like to add that as a member of this fanbase I don't feel "used" by SMG at all. Nor did I ever feel neglected by her.

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So SMG is wrong when she doesn't mention Buffy and wrong when she does?

To some people, WhatsAStevedore probably included, SMG just can do no right.

Talking about a Buffy movie while promoting The Crazy Ones

The interviewer asked her this question while Sarah was promoting TCO with Robin Williams. So if you want to blame someone for bringing it up, call Kristin Do Santos from E! Also Sarah gave the exact same answer she always gives when someone asks her about a Buffy movie. Look at some old interviews while she was promoting The Grudge. She didn't say that a movie is going to happen, that was the media who was spinning the story.

Maybe it's just the best for you to move on and ignore her if you're holding such a grudge for no apparent reason.

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Can't even begin to fathom why any "Buffy" fan would dislike this woman, unless she cut in line at Trader Joe on you or something.
The other thing to consider is that Sarah was 26 when she finished Buffy - over ten years ago. That's the age I am now, and while I'm sure in 2023 I'll look back fondly at my current job, I would not want to spend a huge amount of time continuously discussing my current job when I'm trying to drum up business for the new one.

Sarah has always struck me as a 'career actress' (for lack of a better term) in that while she's proud of Buffy, she's acutely aware that it was just another job in what will hopefully be a long, remarkable career. Not everyone is Fillionesque in that they engage strongly with their fanbase to help to try to keep an older legacy alive - and that's fine. Either perspective is a perfectly valid approach to their work.
I'm just happy to have Sarah in my Twitter timeline, I wish this was around when Buffy was airing :D

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