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November 06 2013

11 saddest moments in teen drama history. Buffy comes in at #7.

Of course Buffy makes this list (check out #7) but personally I think they missed the mark a bit. Since it is a list about TEEN drama I will forgive the fact that they did not go with "The Body". That being said, in my opinion, I think either "Innocence", "Becoming " parts 1 & 2 or "Helpless" would have been more appropriate. Yes "Passion" is absolutely gut wrenching. I just think these are more so; particularly from the teen standpoint. Thoughts?

Yikes, that was awfully sad, but wouldn't be my choice. Willow's "Oz, don't you love me?" was heartbreaking, Buffy's "I can't breathe," or her discovery of her mother all contenders elbowing that one down just a bit.
The scene in "The Body" where Dawn learns of her mother's death certainly qualifies.
witchlover, I was just thinking the same thing. And it should really be there as the only scene to have no soundtrack. I see it and cry every time.

The clip they chose for representing Passion doesn't really hit the mark about how emotionale it realy is.

Veronica Mars season 2 finale always gives me chills. "My name is Cassidy" and with just that, as awful as what he did I can't help feel sorry for him, because it encapsulates just how shity his life has been.
I love Passion, but probably "Becoming part 2" would have been the better choice if you exclude "The Body".

Even the Mutant Enemy logo says "I need a Hug"
Yes, Becoming Part 2 was when I fell in love with the show back in the day. Not sure if I missed Passion on TV back then but killing off a major character in that way was mind blowing to me. I did not know you could do that. It came only a few years after I saw that Sailor Moon episode where EVERYONE died and that already blew my mind (did not realize main characters could die on TV ...though obviously the show went on and everyone came back in the next season). Passion was/is amazing but it still was "just" a side character though the big thing was obviously the effect it had on Giles. Becoming Pt 2 would also fit the "teen" drama better.

@urkonn: right on! I was such a mess during that scene.
All farewells to Cordie, Buffy's mom, Jenny, Tara etc too many heartaches for me
I love the episode Passion (obviously - I choose it as my screen name) but for teen drama I would go with Becoming Part 2. I cry every time she has to kill Angel.

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