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November 06 2013

Chinese movie theater uses 'Thor' fan poster by accident. Let the fanfic begin (or continue, as the case may be)... via HuffPo

How does this happen?

Basically the theatre thought that they'd save money by making their own poster and not splashing out on the official one. So they went to the Internet to find the best picture...
So that would be erm... Thoki?... Thorki?
I believe it's Thoki but I saw Thorki too, per Tumblr.

So that's great fan art, BTW. :D
Considering how pirated dvds market works in China (If you-ve seen HDVD-9 you know what I'm talking about), not surprised that this was the place where this would happen.
Absolutely brillant.

This allmost beats Erik Selvics stroll in Stonehenge.
OMG their reaction is priceless and pretty much the same as mine. I figure they may double ticket sales :)
Best bromance ever, and Thor and Loki have a little TOO much chemistry... ;)

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