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November 07 2013

Zachary Levi dishes on dancing with Joss Whedon. The discussion came about during a Thor: The Dark World promo interview.

Great interview and the exact right length for a podcast/recorded interview. For me anyway. Can't do this hour long nonsense.
They should invite Tom next time!

And someone should record it for all of us to see the classics nerd trio: Joss, Zack and Tom, tearing it up til dawn XD
I drive about an hour each day, so I quite like the nonsense-length versions.

But this is a nice 5:48 at any rate :)
The "related" sidebar also has Trachtenberg's interviews, so even more Whedonesque win.
Ah, suck! Can't listen unless I sign up. It shall remain a mystery.
I didn't sign up and I was able to listen. The page was confusing, but it loaded after I waited awhile.
This just reminds me of that wonderful gif of Joss dancing at a party from a yahoo video.
Hmm...I'm getting an error message about SoundCloud not being able to find the right page and asking if my browser's outdated. And offering me the change to switch to "Classic" SoundCloud or their mobile site.
Hmm, it just played automatically for me!

Always fun to hear about Joss dancing. Not as much fun as SEEING Joss dance, of course.
Huh...working great now. Strange. Still, an awesome interview!

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