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November 07 2013

'The Cabin in the Woods" opens in cinemas today in Spain. Yes, 574 days after opening in the States, the Cabin in the Woods is finally getting a cinema release in España.

That's kind of ridiculous but come to think of it, if it opened this week in my country of Romania, I'd probably go watch it.
Better late than never and I hope our Spanish posters will enjoy it.
Wow. And I thought I had to wait a long time.
At least you still get it on the big screen. Here UIP a week before released just dropped the big screen release, and it has gone directly to DVD.

It bums me out that I never got to experience this one on a big cinema screen.

Despite all the improvements in home entertainment solutions, it doesn't matter what some people say about crowds or overpriced snack bar items, I still prefer going to a big screen to experience most movies.
The spanish posters,like me, unfortunately, already have the dvd... This was actually kinda weird. They promised the release for late october last year, afrer the Sitges festival. It did great in Sitges, it was a big success with the public and the national press coverage, who praised it and signalled it as one of the highlights of the festival. Encouraging, right, if you are going to open nationally, right?

Well, no. Suddenly they decided, out of the blue, this was going to be a direct dvd release. Shame, really, but we waited. And waited. It never came out. And then... this.

Weird journey indeed... Spain is different. If the cinemas it opens in are good, i might re-watch it on the big screen,mind you. :)
To the Whedon fans in Spain, I say this...Vamos a empezar la fiesta
I'd see it on the big screen again. I love a big screen. :)
IMHO, it's definitely worth going, even if you own the DVD. CITW really wins something on the big screen (and with the big audio).

Not to mention that it can be two almost entirely different films, depending on the crowd in the theatre; either an over-the-top laugh-out-loud horror comedy, or an eerie, claustrophobic and deeply unsettling horror film... at least, that was my experience(s) the two times I saw it in the cinema.
I also ended up watching it on DVD but I'll see if I can bring some friends to it (might be difficult as we've been trying to go to see Gravity for weeks).

In other good news, according to the IMDB, Much Ado About Nothing (Mucho ruido y pocas nueces) opens on the 20th of December!

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