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November 08 2013

The official Firefly car freshener. Courtesy of ToyVault, this product almosts rivals QMx's Serenity Spirit animal in terms of "yeahbutwhat".

But what does it smell like?
Hopefully not like crotch.
Simon has some very interesting Google alerts I think.
I have no recollection how I found came to find it today. I'm really wondering what else ToyVault are going to come up with next.
Isn't this the sort of thing that should be a tiny, dangling Serenity?
And nothing -- nothing, nowhere, never -- will rival the spirit animal.
Is that a mousepad with perfume on it?

I'm so glad you posted this because I have never seen that spirit animal before and THAT was the dose of surrealism I needed this morning. Pretty sure b!X is right about that. I'm actually crying right now.
To quote the great Yogurt himself: Moichendising!
The New Melbourne Browncoats managed to procure some of these to sell at local conventions. I haven't opened one up to smell it yet, but I'm hoping it doesn't sell like the cargo hold at the end of "Shindig"/beginning of "Safe". They seem to be about coaster sized and have the image of the crew on both sides.
Holy Bizarre Tie-ins!

I'd prefer to think it smells more like Inara's shuttle, which, though Jayne thought it smelled "funny", was apparently redolent with incense. (But I'd bet the car-freshener is just "pine-fresh".)

Though *nothing* will ever beat Mal's spirit animal, I *am* fond of the oddish Johnny Lightening Buffy & Angel tie-in cars and the even odder Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike Thong Panty.

(While I was looking on the web to verify Jayne's quote about Inara's shuttle - from "Out of Gas" - I ran into this 2004 thread in which folks were trying to imagine what "Serenity" would smell like... I thought it was interesting... )

ETF: typo

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