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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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November 08 2013

Joss Whedon: Before and After The Avengers. On Joe Utichi's website, there's two unabridged interviews with Joss. The first one is from February 2012, the second is from February 2013.

Thanks for posting this, Simon. Fantastic interview, and kudos to Mr. Utichi who asked a ton of insightful questions and received equally thoughtful questions. This quote from Joss made me chuckle, on making the decision to film Much Ado after Avengers:

"I missed my friends and I missed my home, so I decided to throw them all on camera. Which is the only way I seem to know to relate to people a problem to be discussed later."
Very good interviews, are they just seeing the light of day now? They cover a fair amount of talking points Joss has had in other recent interviews but they don't seem familiar to me. In any case, good stuff.
You can spend your time counting the ills and just recently I had another really shocking blow in terms of the business and I thought I can either stew over this forever, or I can accept that the business is the business and that Im luckier than 99.99% of the people working in it.

Any thoughts on what this might be? Assuming something that was never announced, but I'd be interested to know. This was from the Feb 2012 segment.
Boy, that's purposely vague enough that I imagine it could mean all sorts of things. My guess is, post-Avengers, Joss will suffer fewer of these blows, whatever they may be.
I heard somewhere else what he said about Tara here. He's more self-aware and elss self-involved than I am; I admit i'm not eprfect because I know nobody is, but Joss can actually recognize the bad aspects of things, good for him.

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