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March 08 2004

Is Angel Back from the Dead Again? Filmforce picks up on the rumours posted earlier in the week.

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Not to necessarily tell you what to and not to post, but this article has basically taken two rumors that have been much talked about this past weekend and penned an article from them. Is it really necessary that we see this article as well? There's nothing new...

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And there is one big error, too: the article says that the WB will be watching the ratings of Angel repeats -- if the ratings are good, the show might no longer be cancelled. Hello? We've officially entered a five week period with no Angel! No repeats, no new shows, no nada. There will be no repeats to watch or have ratings for. Then beginning in mid-April there'll be six new shows and that's it. A
s far as I know, anyway.
It's called a weblog. This article does a nice job compiling the two rumors and putting in a bit of context.
What repeats? How can they have ratings for repeats that never air?
Rhaegar, I edited your post a bit to remove the full article. Please don't cut and paste full articles - we don't want to get into copyright trouble, etc. A quick quote or description should do.
Does anyone know what the person who posted this rumor has been correct about in the past?

I know I've asked this question before, but no one has answered yet.
I don't know about the person in particular has been right about before, but "filmforce" and IGN in general are usually quite good at getting things right.

I think they were among the first to report on the possibility of "Family Guy" getting a fourth season.
Prufrock is asking about the person who posted the rumour on which this Filmforce article is based.
I also would appreciate someone answering Prufrock's questions.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2004-03-09 16:16 ]
Thanks for the edit, Caroline. Being a lawyer, (but not from Wolfram & Heart), I shouldn't have violated the copyright so readily. All those years using napster must have dulled my sensibilities.
... apart from copyright we also don't want to make our readers too lazy ;-)
Well, should I take it that not hearing from Allyson is a good thing in these issues? She's usually the first to tell people to people to give it up. Then again, she did say she doesn't investigate rumors, so maybe she thinks these are just that. I know this article is nothing new, but that even the rumors are getting news.....well, I think if there is absolutely NO hope, some official will come out soon and tell us they are just rumors.
Baby, I said my say. I soooo, am not mixing it up again! ;-)

Ears are to the ground. None of these rumors have been substantiated as of yesterday morning.
If talks are going ahead, I shouldn't think that anyone will come out and say anything just yet, not until there is anything to confirm. I'm not really holding out much hope, though. It's not good for my health.

Allyson, I'm sure you'll be among the first to know, if there is any news (one way or the other). :-) The info you have given us has been spot on so far.

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Don't post here anymore but just wanted to say how totally cool Allyson has been during this whole thing.
I'm not really holding out much hope, though. It's not good for my health.

A-men. At this point, too much hope makes my heartbeat a little irregular. :)

It's Firefly all over again...
Allyson-- Pertaining to the list of crew members to send "thank you for all your hard work" postcards to (such as art department, cameras, make-up, etc.) that you provided some time ago: Do they go attention to the head of the department while including the rest of the department or just the department in general? I don't know the names of the department heads plus I wouldn't want to upset any unions. I feel like I can't rest until all the behind the scenes crew find other work. That is if the miracle doesn't happen and they need to. Thanks for the original information.
Allyson, I'm sure you'll be among the first to know, if there is any news (one way or the other). :-) The info you have given us has been spot on so far.

I'm usually the 5,876th to know anything. Truly. I swear. And it's only if I ask. And then ask if it's okay to say anything.

I'm not Ms. Inside Scoop anymore than any other fan, I suppose. I'm just more annoying, probably.

Allyson-- Pertaining to the list of crew members...

There's about 250 people on the crew, so if it just reads, "Art Department" than it'll just go there in their mail, and the PA or whomever will distribute it or tack it to the bulletin board or whatever. His name is Joe. He's swell.
Oy. What a can of worms. I would hardly call that other mention "a source close to Sky One". Plus, it came before, not in response. Am I glad it got posted here first so that I know it's not based on anything or am I worried because that may have instigated the piece in the first place? Hmm.

And Allyson has been busy defending our honor against scalawags on BronzeBeta (thank you, Allyson).

prufrock--I believe, but can't remember definitely, that nychick knew some occasions where SteelDogDG had been correct. The first discussion was early Feb. I put a link to it in the most recent discussion a couple of days ago. I can't remember exactly but I think there were some specifics.
stakeholder, nope. nychick only said the poster "has given accurate info before".

If you're reading this nychick, please list some of the things the poster has been accurate about in the past, I would greatly appreciate it.
Woops. Sorry for the mislead...
from the guy's last post, here's what he said he was right about:
"I just wanted to tell you all that if this is my last insider post that it has been fun. From Buffy info to Angel I loved keeping you guys in the loop. In that past I brought you news like Buffy moving to UPN, ED offered Faith, Angel being picked up and JM joining the cast, to name a few."

He said he's been given the "proverbial muzzle" for now so as to not get the fans hopes up. and no one seemed to object with his statement of what he had been right on in the past. But i'm just taking this from SteelDogDG's mouth, I never read any of that stuff.
Hmmm, that's interesting. I'm wondering if the WB execs are annoyed that he might've let something out of the bag? Maybe I'm just reading too much between the lines but it does seem like he let something slip that they didn't want out there yet and someone came down on him.
In this same farewell post, SteelDog identifies his "contact" at ME as the one who's asked him to not say anything more. (He doesn't specifically say "ME" here but I would swear that he has identified his contact as being within ME in the past). It seems that the last bit of info that the contact gave him was that so far all talks have led to nothing fruitful and things look rather grim.

Here's the address for his last post:

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2004-03-09 21:19 ]
This is why I think his source at Mutant Enemy, if he indeed does have one, should be fired. All of this "inside info" might hurt Angel's chances if there are any.

I remember that one incident where somebody falsely posted as Joss and Joss got in trouble for it, this is the same kind of situation.

But still, I doubt this person is legitimate.
Someone falsely posted as "Joss" and the real Joss got in trouble? When did that happen? That's creepy.
I think now that IGN FilmForce actually has an article up about it, the 'officials' might be a little nervous. Thinking people's hopes are getting too high. As always, waiting for official word....
Last year, someone posted as Joss at the Bronze Beta, saying the show had been picked up before it actually had been, and The WB got mad at Joss for it.
Working on getting that official word out to you.
No offense intended to anyone, but by 'official', I mean a statement from someone at ME or the WB. I've learned long ago to be wary of what I find on message boards, even boards as reputable as Whedonesque.

But as always, I'm a big rumor/insider info whore, so any additional info would be welcome!
I know what you mean, Rogue Slayer. And I've asked that as soon as something can be said, to please say it, as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot, Allyson! We really appreciate everything you've done for the BtVS community.
I agree, Allyson totally rules. Someone should make an Allyson fansite. We could post the latest Allyson news and write Allyson fanfiction. :)
That's great, Allyson. I know no official word has been out that something positive is happening, but if they know that there are rumors out getting people excited, maybe it will push them to say officially, "Sorry, nothing's going on, these are only rumors."

And of course, I don't want to hear that.....
Thank you, Allyson.
Well, there's stuff going on, but it doesn't gel with the rumors, which are, in fact, hilarious. Rumors often are. I don't think that any of these are hurtful, though.

Some guy is saying there are meetings, IMPORTANT MEETINGS, with IMPORTANT PEOPLE.

And important meetings with important people occur every day. There's no need for anyone to get in a bunch about meetings, unless they know the subject matter and outcome of the meeting.
Well, as we all know, Angel is the only important thing that should be going on, dagnabbit!
LOL. Or the Firefly movie. Depends.

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