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November 08 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg and Rob Lowe spill 7 things to know about Killing Kennedy. They talk to E! News about the show, which airs Sunday at 8pm on National Geographic.

Marina Oswald is going to be a heavy duty role. It'll be interesting to hear her speak Russian.
I didn't realise Michelle spoke fluent Russian.
This sounds fairly interesting. Almost makes me wish I had dish or cable so I could see it.

Michelle just impressed me in that interview.

Folks here might not know, but Erika Amato (of Velvet Chain) played Lt. Anna Guri in the Quantum Leap episode "Lee Harvey Oswald" ("Leaping on a String"); Sam kept Leaping into Oswald's life at different times, and that particular scene was when Oswald was attempting to defect to Russia. So we have two ties between "Buffy" and Kennedy/Oswald.

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