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November 10 2013

The New York Times on this Fall's television. When it came to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the writer said the show "is in some measure what the other shows aren't: clever, funny, stylish, with characters we care about and, not insignificantly, more convincing special effects."

The link isn't working Simon (there's in front of it).

Fun article, great to see Agents of SHIELD praised along The Good Wife. The Good Wife has been really outstanding these last few episodes and I'm really happy to see that the (better) TV critics seem to notice (I hope the audience will follow).
Ack. Thanks for noticing. All fixed now.
It's very nice to see AoS praised, even if I'm not quite there yet myself. But calling James Spader's performance on The Blacklist 'one-note'? Please. He's opera. Unfortunately, everything around him is one-note.
We must not be watching the same show...
Well, he and i do. :)

Critics in general have been very good to AOS. The pilot received some raves and was really well received in genreral. The comic com reactions were also great. There is a "universally panned" feeling sometimes that is just not true.
Sounds as if it a little damning with faint praise in the article though; the best of a bad bunch.

I am enjoying AoS a fair bit, but I think calling it clever or saying it has "characters we care about," is not accurate right now (at least, for myself and, judging by other commentators, a lot of the other viewers.) I'm not sure it will ever be the former and I don't really think it ever needs to be, but it is getting towards the later.

'Fzzt' brought a lot of great character moments to the fore and we are starting to get an inkling of what is going on behind all of their facades.
FZZT made me realize that I actually have become quite invested in the fate of the characters. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's episode because I want to know how they are doing, not just because it's a Whedon production.

That's the first time this season.
And ignoring SMG on The Crazy Ones!

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