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November 10 2013

The evolution of demon morality in Sunnydale. This article casts its eye on the line drawn between good and evil on the show.

Well, glad somebody finally stresses the Queller as a part of Ben's questionability.

Like the glosses on Jonathan. I says something about a person, specifically their basic moral compass, that they can have those experiences and just not listen to them. That (along with the height and the religious background) is where I cease to identify with my 3rd-favorite character in the 'verse.

It was a limited essay which, using BtVS alone and barely touching Angel makes inevitable.

But Clem is certainly a relevant subject and logically should've received more than a celebratory footnote. And Harmony should've been mentioned. Yes, she remains actively evil but, despite having no soul (in canon,) no chip, and no romantic involvement with a good human, her ineptitude and need for self-aggrandisment, trump the danger associated with her.

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