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November 11 2013

Clark Gregg does the voice of Agent Coulson in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The game is out this week and Eurogamer gave it 9/10.

I love how Marvel integrated him into every level of what they do. He's in the games, the comics, the cartoons, he's everywhere.

Actually, since Iron-Man has never been in a live action TV show, Coulson might have been in more forms of media. That's weird.
Awesome! The Lego games are always fun, although it's a bit odd that they have voice acting now. The characters used to make noises, rather than actual words...but hey, I'm always happy with more Clark Gregg around :)
There's a cast list on IMDB if anyone is interested, there might be spoilers there btw.

Grr, no Wii version.
This game is HUGE in scope, covering most of the Marvel universe, and has that epic Lego games humor that I've always loved. I highly recommend!
I love that Clark Gregg is voicing Lego Agent Phil Coulson.
I'm with mj, overdue for a console upgrade I guess but my son and I have had a blast playing Lego Batman 2 on the Wii, was hoping this would come out for that such luck it appears.

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