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November 11 2013

"Joss Whedon: The Biography" out next June. It's by Amy Pascale and features a foreword by Nathan Fillion.

It was originally due to come out (under a slightly different title) back in 2012. However it is fitting that the book will now come out in the same month that Joss turns 50.

Thanks so much for posting this link - can't wait to read Nathan's Foreward. Nifty 50!
Seems a little pre-emptive- I like to think Joss has many years of creativity left in him. Still, sounds like an interesting read.
Should be titled, "The Biography So Far".
Or "Joss Whedon: The First Fifty Years."
Overall, this seems like a good breakpoint in his career to do this.
A better title than "Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion" ... a title which always makes me giggle (with a Firefly hat-on), whenever I see it on my shelf.
It's about time. I always wanted a, "Biography: Behind the Scenes" for Buffy. Hopefully we'll get some cool new footage and interviews.
I think the author of this made use of one of my Goners fansites to figure out the meandering development hell path of that script.

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