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November 12 2013

Ever wondered how Brett Dalton looks shirtless while holding a puppy? Here's the video for you, thanks to People.

Brett was recently nominated by People as one of the sexiest men in America, and here goes the interview coming with such a honour.

He seems like a nice person, definitely more goofy than Agent Ward.
That was totally unnecessary and gratuitous! I approve.
I must admit I hadn't ever wondered that. But I feel better for having seen it.
I have a new appreciation for Brett Dalton's acting skills.
You mean if someone is holding a puppy, it's hard to tell if he or she is shirtless or not? Odd notion :-).
OMG is he not the cutest thing ever?! Said in my best ValleyGirl voice.

But seriously. *fans self*
I had to watch this several times *ahem* to be quite certain, but yes, there is a puppy in this! As for Brett Dalton shirtless . . . I approve. A lot.

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