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November 12 2013

Drew Goddard in negotiations to write Daredevil series for Netflix. So says The Wrap. I swear someone (here maybe?) was just talking about wanting him to be involved in the Marvel/Netflix deal.

Can all the new shows be written by Whedonverse writers please?
Oh, that would be awesome. Watching Angel often made me think how well Daredevil would work as a television series, be it based on Frank Miller's classic run or Brian Michael Bendis' noir style leading into Brubaker-style stories. Or Stan Lee's Daredevil where he fools all of his friends into thinking that DD is the alter-ego of his cool twin brother.

And let me say it again: I want Eliza Dushku as Jessica Jones.
Headline: He's writing it!
Article: Unnamed sources claim that they're talking about him maybe writing it.

But if true, this would be great!
I think we're all waiting to see Eliza in a Marvel project. Seems just logical since she voices She-Hulk in all the Marvel animated projects where she stars.
They can save a lot of money just by casting Enver Gjokaj to play absolutely everyone.
"I swear someone (here maybe?) was just talking about wanting him to be involved in the Marvel/Netflix deal."

That'd be me, here and on CHUD. I remember him saying in an interview a while back that Daredevil was his favorite superhero and that he was interested in tackling the character. Fantastic news!

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I think I might be very much in favor of this. Drew is good. If he has a take on it, it could turn out really awesome.
I think Drew would be a great choice for a Marvel project.
This has made me even more excited!
That would be really great. I don't know the comics, but I actually liked the film. I think the character is great and I would love to see Drew's take on it.
Considering that Jeph Loeb is head of TV Division, won't be surprised if other known names pop up.
I'm calling it now:

Iron Fist - Ben Edlund
Jessica Jones - Jane Espenson
Luke Cage - Steven S. DeKnight
The Defenders - Joss Whedon and the executive producers of the former shows coming together to form a super group of their own

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Jessica Jones is practically Wonderfalls, Angel and The Inside all rolled into one. Tim needs to be running the show there.
Tim Minear would be great, but doesn't his soul belong to Fox?
Can anyone recommend a good place to start reading Daredevil comics? I'm going to join the Marvel Unlimited app and I really want to get into Daredevil. I know Brubakers run is celebrated, but is it somewhere I could just jump on?
Faith in Angel, you can't really go wrong if you start at the beginning of volume 2 with Kevin Smith's run and work your way through to Brubaker's stuff

Frank Miller's run also has some stuff depending how you are with '80s comics
Faith in Angel, like Jackal said, starting with Kevin Smith/the start of vol.2 is good. You can also go straight for the Bendis/Maleev run, which starts with vol.2 #26--that's where long-running plotlines start that eventually lead seemlessly into the Brubaker run. And also it's very good.

Thank you! I don't want to back as far as the 80's, but that sounds like a good place to start:-)
Faith in Angel, I started with the Brubaker run and got along just fine, loved it in fact.
@Niels, I have heard so many good things about Brubakers run, but I'm aware that I need to read earlier. I know the origin very well,so don't need to go over that again:-)
Even if you don't like the beginning of v2, definitely sample the Bendis stuff
Actually, I would say that the best storyline for Daredevil would be Frank Miller's Daredevil: Born Again. It is possibly one of the best superhero stories ever and you don't really need to know much of anything in order to read it (I'm hoping that this is what the TV show will be based on, because that would be awesome).
For anyone interested,Melissa Rosenberg is being reported as the writer and producer of the Jessica Jones series.She was attached to the character when it was A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

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This makes me very happy.
Hmm. Melissa Rosenberg was an executive producer on Dexter for the first four seasons, so a point for that. On the other hand, she also wrote the screenplays for all four Twilight movies. So, uh, point retracted.
alliterator: Though, to be fair, I have no idea who could possibly have adapted Twilight into something that's not hilariously bad, so I'd be more inclined to blame Stephenie Meyer than Melissa Rosenberg for that, and am willing to give the latter the benefit of the doubt.
More than one great writer has had a stinker attached to their name, alliterator, so I too won't judge Ms. Rosenberg on the fact she tried to make the Twilight IP less of a gods-forsaken can only polish a turd so much ;P

Still, I'm glad Drew Goddard's the man with the plan for The Man Without Fear...maybe Joss and Drew can collaborate some ;P

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