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March 09 2004

(SPOILER) Possible Info On 19. New information has surfaced for 5.19 and a few tidbits on 5.18.

The Dawn stuff sounds to far fetched as MT has repeatly said she wants to move away from Dawn and concentrate on movies. And Im all for a Buffy themed episode as long as SMG is actually in it and not that blur of blonde that we saw Spike having sex with in Angels dream a few episodes back.
Dawn...please tell me Me is not thinking of bringing her onboard this late in the game? I don't think I could stand seeing her on screen again!
This Illyria stuff is really, really interesting and I've always thought that because of Fred's memories, Illyria would somehow have to share their essences using one body or something to that effect.

Is Fred coming back? Will Illyria die off? Who knows, but I like 'em both. Also, the Connor stuff sounds okay.
The Illyria stuff sounds *excellent*. The whole MT and SMG thing, I hope, is a smokescreen. That sounds too much like a fanboy's dream. Not to mention, I find myself so NOT caring to have Buffy in the episode, especially if it's rehashing the whole "dating some Immortal thing". Angel, fine, Spike, fine (still a bad place, but fine), to do it THREE times is getting a mite OLD.
Re-hashing is also happening with Illyria (Dark Willow anybody?), so it is not implausible. Although I think the roman storyline may be a red herring. On the other hand, to have Buffy's cameo before the season finale is also a good thing. She won't be the centre of attention as the show ends.

Just to clarify though: I definitely wanna see SMG as Buffy one more time and I am enjoying the Illyria storyline :-)

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