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November 13 2013

Zack Whedon talks to TFAW about Serenity comics. Some new details on "Leaves on the Wind". Strangely the interview seems to think Zack's only written one other Serenity comic and that only Patton Oswalt's "Float Out" was post-movie, neither of which are true.

What was the other post Serenity comic book?
A story in a Free Comic Book Day book, last year I think.
Oh yes. I forgot about that one.
I have the feeling most people forget about that one.
Maybe, but TFAW probably should not have.
The article says this is the first post-Serenity miniseries... but they might have changed that after someone pointed it out to them.
So, at last night's Comics Underground here in Portland, Scott Allie et al did a reading of the opening to Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. Fans are going to crap all over themselves. In a good way. Zack's got the voice. Georges is doing some great stuff. And if you want a preview of an upcoming cover, check Adam Baldwin's new Twitter avatar.

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