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November 13 2013

Deaths of the Whedonverse: from least to most devastating. Exactly what you're expecting. Spoilers for the five of you that didn't watch Dollhouse or Cabin.

The linked site is down?
I swear it was up when I posted the link. Whedonesque crash it already?
I don't care that they were resurrected; Angel's death in Becoming Part 2 and Buffy's death in The Gift are Top 5.
Where the heck is Wesley? (Did I miss him somewhere?) Seriously, not including him on a list like this almost feels like trolling for controversy..
Buffy, Angel, and Wesley are out-ranked by Paul Ballard?
That's pretty low-rent stuff via someone's subjective opinion, especially: "Fucking Darla is the worst". Actually, she was a great character who was part of the weave of Angel's back story and I enjoyed her as well as her own back story with The Master.

I thought Paul's death was shocking because there was no lead-in up to it - he was fighting as a solider, one of the team, and actually it did hurt for me. I wouldn't say it was most devastating over a character like Wes.
I love Darla. I love the badass vampire with the wispy girly voice who is the very first indication that BtVS is going to subvert your expectations in every way it can think of. I love human Darla and vampire Darla and re-vampire Darla and angry pregnant Darla and quasi-heroic dying Darla. I even like vision-Darla trying to save Connor in Angel season 4, and I like almost *nothing* about Angel season 4.

Ballard's death didn't affect me that much. And I don't really remember the details of Bennet dying, so neither of them would make my personal subjective list ... which I am arranging from most devastating to least devastating because hey, it's my list:

1. Tara. No competition. I started crying hours after watching the episode, and waited a few weeks to finish watching the season. That's how devastating it was. I've never been that upset by another TV show/movie death, ever.

2. Joyce and Fred and Wash. I don't know how to choose among those three, so they're tied for second. All utterly devastating, because (in their different ways), their deaths were all pointless and stupid and unnecessary--not heroic or cathartic. They just died. And in every case, we had to watch how their deaths were shattering for other characters (Buffy, Wes, Zoe).

3. Wes. Because I love him. And because his death was utterly heartbreaking and sad and I will never not want a world in which he and Fred are alive and together (MAAN helped with that, a little. But even Benedick is not Wesley. <3)

4. Jenny. Because when she died, I didn't believe it had really happened. And because I loved her, too. And because when Giles breaks down crying, it destroys me every.single.time.

5. Angel in Becoming. Because obviously.

6. Darla. When she's finally made peace with being a human, and Dru shows up to turn her into a vampire again.

7. Cordelia. Because I loved her, a lot, and she deserved better than to die in a coma.

8. Gunn's little sister. I know she was in only one episode, but it's another that is just devastating every time I watch it.

... and that's ten deaths, so I'm stopping there. Buffy doesn't make this list, for me, because her death in "the Gift" was more heroic/cathartic than devastating. It was sad, but it seemed right and necessary. Her resurrection was the devastating part.

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erendis: The After the Fall comics showed Cordy is still active as ahigher being. But you're right - "You're welcome" would've been the exact same show except for the last 30 seconds if she'd just walked away isntead of that ridiculous phone call, and it's where I stopped being a real fan of His Purpleness.
The linked list makes no sense to me. To each their own I guess.
Most to least in the order of made me sad.
1. Buffy in the Gift-For awhile even that track on the soundtrack album would make me cry.
2. Spike in Chosen-still sad even though I knew he was coming back. If I hadn't I would have been messed up!
3. Anya in Chosen
4. Cordelia in You're Welcome
5. Doyle in Hero I wasn't that attached yet but cried like a baby.
6. Tara
7. Fred
8. Joyce
9. Wes
10. Angel in Becoming. Although I was super sad for Buffy, I was glad to see Angelus go after everything Buffy had gone through.

The death of Wash was major, but I was so angry about it that it trumped my sad. Same with Penny but do a much lesser emotional degree.

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