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November 14 2013

(SPOILER) Summer Glau discusses the future of her character on "Arrow". She hasn't gotten to do much yet besides be a foil for Oliver. Sounds like that's going to change. Mild spoilers for last night's episode.

She does a great job on that show. And the show is really great as well. There aren't many shows that bring me to yell out loud at the TV because I haven't expected or predicted the plot twists.
Last night's episode made me happy for so many reasons! The Oliver/Felicity stuff and the Isabel/Oliver stuff and even the Felicity/Isabel stuff. :) Also, people speaking Russian and Deadshot! Arrow always moves to the top of the queue in my DVR with Sleepy Hollow and Scandal. Top 3 most fun TV shows on broadcast these days.
How I wish "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." was more like "Arrow". Sad face.
I discovered Arrow when it was mentionned in the SHIELD threads here, and I like it. But I don't think SHIELD is worse, or would be better if it followed the same formula. They are very different shows, telling very different stories. I was hooked more quickly by Arrow, but SHIELD resonates more emotionally. The only time I've felt something watching Arrow was when Merlyn told the story about his wife's death.
Haven't been able to watch the latest episode, but last week with the focus on Sarah was great. Some really good emotional beats between Sarah and Quentin. Shame she never got to interact with Laurel though.

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Ragondux, the reference is to Arrow being a very successful adaptation of a comic book to television. SHIELD is creatively struggling in that regard.
I certainly agree with her about the stunt work-- the fight scenes in Arrow are fantastic. Otherwise, it's a play-in-the-background-while-I'm-doing-something-else kind of show for me, though. Unlike Scandal, which gets my undivided attention. :)

I also agree with Ragondux that Arrow and AoS are telling very different kinds of stories. Although Arrow is a lot more consistent, it also often feels reeally familiar. I'm constantly thinking, "Isn't this exactly like that time in Batman/Spiderman...?" (I'm not a comics person, so I might be wrong about specifics, but it's the general feeling I get from the billionaire-playboy with tragic background and foreign martial-arts training turned superhero with do-gooder ex-girlfriend and best friend/romantic rival story.) AoS, in spite of the tropes that people here keep pointing out, feels like a story I've never heard before.
End result-- I like both of them. Not in love with either.
Well Green Arrow first appeared in 1941, so yes the backstory and/or concepts will feel familiar to many superheroes of the same era.

Case in point, the Avengers' Hawkeye and Black Widow were copied directly from Arrow and Black Canary, who predate them by decades.
I think people forget Arrow is in its second season. It SHOULD be better than a brand new infant show. Just food for thought
I think people forget Arrow is in its second season.

by the time I had watched Arrow's third episode (imo - by far - the most useful signaler of a show's long-term trajectory) I already felt like I had a very good sense of what trajectory its "boys in the back room" were aiming for with it - and almost every episode that has come since then has been a positive re-affirmation of that.

MAoS - while I would say that it has so far avoided making any major irredeemable faux pas - still seems... uncertain about whether its "boys in the back room" have a clear idea of where they intend to take it, let alone whether or not they have what it takes to get it there (which worries me, since I am so far finding the show to be quite entertaining.)

It SHOULD be better than a brand new infant show.

Last I checked, in the general population of television shows, properties starting out at one level and then improving in quality significantly over time is far from the norm. Just saying.
I actually liked season 1 better than season 2, so far. are a little too comic-booky for my taste. I like comics, but it doesn't really work all that well in live action.

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