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November 14 2013

Agents of SHIELD named favorite new Fall Show. Proving Whedon Fans still know how to win a poll.

Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow also had strong showings.

This poll is wrong wrong wrong. It should be "favourite".
Brilliant, another example of how the quiet are indeed the majority.
Seriously, funny that the critics have had a field day with S.H.I.E.L.D. so far, but it's clearly a fan-favorite. Also, it's hard to deny that every one of Joss's shows improves over time- a very rare feat for other shows.
Looking at that list makes me realise Agents of Shield is the only new show I am currently watching. I'll check out The Crazy Ones if it ever airs in the UK, though.
Positive never plays as loud as negative, Jaymii. I have to remind myself of that all the time. :)
Although I prefer Sleepy Hollow to Shield (so far) I have to say Shield has definitely grown on me starting with the last 2 eps.
libradude: The critics choose SHIELD as the most promising new show after watching them all and the pilot received some rave reviews, 88% in rottentomatoes. In fact some professional critics are the ones who still remain mostly positive about it. The last 2-3 episodes have been very well received in general, and the New York Times said literally "(Agents of SHIELD) is in some measure what the other shows aren't: clever, funny, stylish, with characters we care about and, not insignificantly, more convincing special effects." just the other day.

Im not saying that it makes it good or bad because of that, and i respect every single body who doesnt like it and will defend the right everybody has to shred it to pieces as much as they please when and where they please, but i really dont know where this whole "its universally panned" feeling comes from, because, well... its not.

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Every critic story I see online begins with "How to make S.H.I.E.L.D. better." They might not necessarily be panning it, but they certainly seem to all think they can make the show better for whatever reason. And I'm not saying I agree with them, but just pointing out that critical response has not been all peaches and cream. The problem with RottenTomatoes is that it essentially forces a 'like' or 'dislike' vote. What I've seen from the critics is luke warm response (generally 'like' for RT purposes).
I advice people to read the reviews at rottentomatoes, even if its just out of curiosity. Many might be surprised... ;)
Sleepy Hollow and Masters of Sex are my favorite new fall shows. Sorry, favourite.

ETA: Simon, my computer spellcheck wants to correct "favourite" so I think you lose this one with me. ;)
Fitz and Simmons would spell it "favourite," just like Simon and me.
And myself, and Lioness and redeem147, and samatwitch...what with being Canadians and all. Plus any other Commonwealth country Whedonites who lurk or post here that I failed to mention. Which I do apologize for.

I wish I could share in the enthusiasm.
For me, Masters of Sex is the best new show that I have seen so far. The writing, characters and actors on that show are all excellent.

I would call Dracula the most entertaining and underrated, even though... judging from the low ratings and some of the bashing that it's getting... not many people will probably share this opinion with me. At the least, the production values (costumes, sets etc.) are quite high and the show is nice to look at.

AoS is... if anything... well... the most disappointing? I don't think it's terrible, it has its moments and potential to get better (maybe slowly, it's already getting better), but so far, it just isn't living up to all the hype and high expectations. In fact, it's all very mediore and average. Sleepy Hollow is even worse, but I'm a little bit behind on that show, so maybe it has already improved in the last 2 episodes...
I don't know why IGN couldn't wait a couple of weeks for the Almost Human premiere. After two episodes it is the best new show for me. Wish AoS started like that.
About internet polls: it is way to easy to manipulate them...

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