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March 09 2004

Tim Minear Posts at On Wonderfalls, how Buffy survived so long, and too many other things to list.

After listening to some of the director commentaries and interviews given by Tim Minear I have developed a strong dislike for this fellow as a person...His work is top notch but some of his comments on the AtS season 3 set grate me the wrong way and some of his interviews make him come across as a jerk...His comments at the Buffistas site were an exception however.
I completely agree with Tim here: "And if you don't like Caroline, then I just don't know what I can do for you. she is FANTASTIC."

Oh! THAT Caroline! Damn.
I've listened to the same commentaries by Tim and think he comes across as a great guy. Very Joss-like in his sense of humor. Are you sure that the comments that offended you weren't meant to be sarcastic or taken jokingly?

Great posts from Tim, but why does this thread abruptly end sometime before midnight? It just seemed as though the rest of it disappeared.
I think he comes across as a great guy! I thought he was funny!
My love for Tim Minear is fierce and abiding. May Wonderfalls live a long and prosperous life!

I'm still upset that he won't be involved in the Firefly film.
Didn't think this was front-page postage material so I've been waiting for a Wonderfalls thread I could post this in. You can see a video of the theme song (by XTC's Andy Partridge!!!) at the Wonderfalls site. Requires flash. Plus, it's available for purchase at iTunes.

I'm liking them apples.
Am I the only one who can never find anything on that board? I just see a long post where he quotes good reviews for wonderfall and people posting reactions.
It's based on Salon's TableTalk format. Each thread is built to take 10,000 posts, and then it's closed, archived, and a new thread begins. What is it that you're looking for?
EdDantes, are you hitting the "next" button at the bottom of the page? I didn't do that the first time I visited but went back and discovered my mistake. After reading everything, I still think he's a great guy and I love how open he is.

I also found it interesting that Joss Whedon had to fight with the WB (unless I misunderstood) about showing Buffy in the right order. At least he won that time. It still baffles me that Fox didn't trust him to know what was best for Firefly because what a difference it could've made in viewership if they had shown it in the proper order. I remember all the critics complaining about the fact that the pilot wasn't shown and they couldn't understand why. I remember them saying the pilot was excellent and set up the story and explained stuff. And because I'm a Whedon fan, and knew they hadn't shown the pilot I stuck with the show even though I wasn't totally impressed with the first episode. I knew it wasn't Joss Whedon's or Tim Minear's fault.

I just hope they don't mess with Wonderfalls. It sounds so promising and I can't wait. I do watch Joan of Arcadia and I like it but I'm so excited to hear from all these reviewers that it's better than Joan, which I like but I think it is lacking a bit.
Well whatever this link was supposed to lead to. I try the 'previous' stuff, but....endless gabbing, hehe.
Well, the link is to the beginning of the conversation. So, you'd want to hit, "next."

Although, if it saves us the bandwidth because folks don't want to muddle through our gabbing, that's really great.
"Boy, those reviews are going to look great on the 13-episode DVD package."

That quote had me lauging out loud. Damn, that's good and nasty. Hopefully untrue, but good.
And at this post, Tim confirms that David Greenwalt's directing ep. 20.
Thanks for the link to the Wonderfalls site melsta. I'm really liking that theme song and now foresee it being stuck in my head all day.

I wonder wonder why the wonder falls....
Yay MindPieces! Love to spread the XTC-love!
I keep playing it on my iTunes over and over. Just makes me smile.
Ya know, speaking of great theme songs in my head...

"Take my love, take my land..."
Take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me...

Everybody now!
Got no good on TV
since they cancelled Fire-flea.
[crickets chirping]

No I'm not insane (mostly). That's just what runs through my head whenever I watch my precious DVDs.
Take me out into the black, tell 'em I ain't comin' back.....

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