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November 15 2013

Summer Glau to appear on tonight's 'The Late Late Show' with Craig Ferguson. According to the show's official upcoming guest list.

Presumably in connection with her ongoing role on Arrow. Now this should be interesting...

Should be great...his interview with SMG (about a month ago) was very entertaining!
Craig Ferguson always has great guests. He really embraces the scifi genre and brings on actors who are interesting, not just popular or out to promote something. What's especially interesting about Summer Glau being on is that she's not even a series regular. Her work on Arrow is really on an episode-by-episode basis.
Isn't she in australia for supanova at the moment? Ah no I see. She ditched Adelaide last minute. Pretty much no big names left for adelaide now. Not surprised.

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Well, not much Arrow chatter in that interview, but I found Craig's verbal wooing of Summer to be hilarious! Though I am kinda amazed he didn't try to play up Summer thinking the TARDIS was a Port-a-Potty or outhouse, what with being a giant Doctor Who fan ;P
Craig Ferguson is the best. He absolutely refuses to talk about the thing that is being promoted, is always funny, and always tries to learn something personal about his guest.
How can one woman be so adorable? Lovely interview.
Poor Summer, she looked soo scared :/
I think anyone meeting Craig Ferguson for the first time via being a guest on his show has a higher chance of being overwhelmed than if he meets them via the usual Hollywood schmoozing process. He is a self-admitted anti-host, since he easily chooses to move as far away as possible from simply chatting about what the actor/actress is supposed to be promoting unless he can start riffing on something about it.

I'm sure that his stand up performances, including the one I'm going to on Novermber 23rd - ensuring he can watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary before hitting the stage - at Caesar's Palace Casino Windsor will prove that ;P
That was really awkward.
This is not a negative comment. Both of these individuals are awesome, and they had a very strange and interesting meeting.

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